Renewable Energy

The rapidly grooving offshore wind energy sector as well as the emerging weave energy sector gives new opportunities and challenges for underwater operators. Wind farms and wave energy installations are often made in areas with offshore like conditions in terms of waves and wind but where the use of large offshore installation and service vessels sometimes is limited due to the shallow waters. 

Energy 610

Our ROV systems for the Renewable Energy sectors are light, compact vehicles that can be handled from smaller vessels. Built on experience from the offshore industry they are designed to withstand tough conditions and rough handling with minimal service requirements. Ample traction and a highly advanced control system make it possible to perform inspection and light work operations under tough conditions.

Equipped with powerful lights and high quality cameras and easy to control OCEAN ROBOTIS ROVs make the difference in demanding situations. Powerful enough to carry sonar and a positioning system and still be able to carry additional equipment as manipulator and probes, our products are tools for long-term and cost-effective handling of the needs within wind and power energy.


OceanRoboticsROV Aegir50 190


ROV AEGIR 50-5D is the workhorse of Ocean Robotics compact OBS ROVs. Using the revolutionary DualStability™ system to ensure that the ROV platform is as steady as possible under all differing circumstances, this vehicle presents a perfect base for tomorrows high resolution sensors. Equipped with 7 reliable brushless thrusters giving ample thrust capacity. 

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OceanRobotics ROV AEGIR-25-4D


The ROV AEGIR 25-4D is a big performer in a small package, bringing earlier unheard-of capacity to the small OBS-ROV market. It is designed for demanding tasks within inshore operation as well as for costal and offshore operations where a small, powerful ROV is needed. 

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