Camera Mini

OceanRobotics Camera Mini 610

Camera Mini is Ocean Robotics miniature camera, for use on all types of underwater equipment in need of a capable, small sized camera with wide viewing angles. The camera is intended to be used by divers or as a secondary camera for ROV’s and similar equipment.

With internal differential video drivers the camera can be configured for use with coaxial or ordinary twisted pair wire, simplifying deployment on any platform, with any wiring.

The camera is easily placed on any carrier platform, even the smallest of ROV’s. The small size and robust housing makes it ideal for mounting on diving helmets as well as on strap on masks.

Technical Specification
Picture sensor: 1/3” Super HAD CCD
Resolution: 600 lines
Light sensitivity:  0.1lux,  Option 0.0001lux
Lens: 2.9mm, 3.6mm, 4.3mm, 8mm, 12mm
Focusing distance: 100mm to infinity
Window: Hardened glass
Video: Composite, single-ended or differential
Power: 10-36VDC, 3W
Dimensions: Ø30mm, L 130mm (excl. connector)
Weight: 200g in air, 100g in water
Depth rating: 500m (3000m option available)
Housing: Marine grade Aluminum




Underwater Technology Engineered for Reliability

  • Materials that resist pressure, rough treatment and corrosion
  • Highly specified components
  • Great care in the design and manufacture of all details
  • Physically and electrically isolated system components
  • Distributed control system with advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Pressure compensated brushless DC thrusters for deep dives
  • Advanced double seals
  • Shock resistant protective frame