The ROV Aegir 25-4D is a big performer in a small package, bringing earlier unheard-of capacity to the small OBS-ROV market.

ROV Aegir 25-4D is a very compact observation class ROV system designed for demanding tasks within inshore operation as well as for costal and offshore operations where a small, powerful ROV is needed.

ROV Aegir 25-4D is based on XCS, ORI’s embedded control system designed for vehicles ranging from 10kg up to to several tons. This enables seamless scaling within ORI products where hardware and software can be used on a multitude of equipment. All hardware is interchangeable within the series, meaning that upgrades and addition of further equipment can be made without effort. The exclusive shape of the plastic frame gives the vehicle a small projected diameter, perfect for confined space exploration. The lower part of the frame is equipped to handle various tooling skid options, without adding to the vehicles exterior dimensions.

ROV Aegir 25-4D is a highly stable platform for all kind of video and sonar work. Thanks to an innovative tilt platform lighting can be set to follow the camera, while being placed as far away from the lens as possible, to minimize back-scattering. The ROV can be delivered with ORI DUALity communication system, a new fault-tolerant approach to subsea telemetry, based on copper or fiber technology (or a combination). All electronics are located in the central intelligence unit with its easy access interface.

The ROV is controlled from the lightweight portable operators’ control. An intuitive menu system handles settings and sensor monitoring. A touch-screen controller is available as an option, installed on customer specified hardware or proprietary equipment.

Technical Specification
Projected diameter             
(including 4kg payload)
Tether diameter                   
Depth rating                         
Power draw                          
1.5kW max
Standard Equipment
BLDC thrusters
Tilt platform (camera + lighting)
2 x LED 40-2k (2x100W halogen equivalent)
Camera LWZ, High Quality 10xzoom
Configurable overlay on all channels
AUX drivers
User A/D channels
Intuitive operator control




Underwater Technology Engineered for Reliability

  • Materials that resist pressure, rough treatment and corrosion
  • Highly specified components
  • Great care in the design and manufacture of all details
  • Physically and electrically isolated system components
  • Distributed control system with advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Pressure compensated brushless DC thrusters for deep dives
  • Advanced double seals
  • Shock resistant protective frame